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High-quality videos at an affordable cost: the advantage of AI based corporate videos

Video production is an essential tool for companies and organizations of all sizes. However, traditional video production is expensive.

Let's consider a typical scenario: crew travel can cost thousands of euros, especially for international productions. The rental of filming and lighting equipment, as well as sets and props, can add significantly to the budget. Add to that the costs of actors and technical staff, and a traditional video production can easily exceed €20,000, depending on its scale and complexity.


In contrast, AI-assisted video production from AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions represents a much more affordable alternative. Without the need to travel, hire actors or rent heavy equipment, this innovative solution allows you to create high-quality videos for around €5,000. The difference is abysmal.


Comparing the two methods, the savings are obvious. While a traditional production can cost upwards of €20,000, AI-assisted production costs just a fraction of that, giving companies, especially SMEs, the opportunity to create high-quality video content without blowing the budget.


AI based video production


Advantages of AI-assisted video production

AI-assisted video production offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Cost reduction: AI can automate tasks that are currently carried out by humans, which can lead to a reduction in production costs.
  • Improved quality: AI can be used to create more dynamic and engaging videos, with special effects and animations that would be impossible or very expensive to produce with traditional methods.
  • Increased flexibility: AI can be used to create videos more quickly and flexibly, which can be useful for companies that need to produce videos frequently.




The Artificial Intelligence-assisted video production proposed by AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions is an innovative solution that offers a number of advantages. Companies looking to reduce costs, improve quality and increase the flexibility of their video production should consider this option.


Here are some examples of how AI based video production can be used:

  • Marketing and advertising: AI-assisted video production can be used to create advertisements, promotional videos and other marketing content.
  • Education and training: AI-assisted video production can be used to create educational videos, tutorials and other training content.
  • Entertainment: AI-assisted video production can be used to create entertainment videos, such as music videos, short films and other streaming content.


Adopting AI technologies in video production is not only a strategic decision for environmental sustainability, but also a smart economic choice. With AP | PORTUGAL's AI-based video solution, companies can now communicate effectively and professionally while keeping costs under control. This is the era of the democratization of corporate videos, where quality and accessibility go hand in hand, opening doors to a new form of business communication.





AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions is the expression of service and vision in the areas of translation, interpretation and communication technology services.

With offices in Lisbon and Porto, it is the only Portuguese company certified by both International Quality Standards ISO 17100, ISO 18587 and ISO 23155, and also by DGERT as a training entity. Internationally renowned for its skills in the areas of translation, interpretation, transcription, localization, subtitling and proofreading, the company is also specialized in event and conference management, audiovisual equipment rental, and VRI - Video Remote Interpreting.

The company’s intervention extends to the area of creative content production in any language, allowing AP | PORTUGAL to support companies and organizations through its Copywriting platform, also focusing on text, audio or video solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

AP PORTUGAL includes the Artiga Center - European Centre for Amplified Events -, a facility which offers all equipment necessary for any type of event, be it hybrid, face-to-face or digital, besides being equipped for face-to-face or digital Team Building activities.

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