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Mário Júnior

Passion. We thought a lot about the first word we would like to see on our blog because we wanted it to represent a clear idea of what brought us here and to fulfil this huge desire to be with you more often. 

Passion? Yes, because this is what has been part of our company since the first moments of AP Portugal, 20 years ago. That is how we built a Portuguese translation company that is governed today by three basic values: responsibility, honour and dedication.

Much has changed in language services since 1998 and, while remaining a company that provides translation, transcription, interpretation and subtitling services, it has now become AP PORTUGAL - Tech Language Services.


AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions


For this reason, the blog will also be used to reveal our interest and knowledge in areas such as SEO, inbound marketing, web and apps localisation, to show you for instance how the expected growth of video contents will demand efficient subtitling work according to the rules dictated by an increasingly digital world. We know that high quality multilingual contents and sites will allow us to develop a more efficient digital marketing strategy and reach the desired international market. We know that AP PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions technical and language solutions will enable the efficient localization of your relevant content worldwide.

And this is what we want you to know more and better thanks to this blog that we are launching now, while also discovering our solutions in terms of conference interpreting, not to mention our presence in the audiovisual equipment market or even our knowledge, which we will not hesitate to share, regarding protocol and international diplomacy, recommendations to speakers and organisers in an international context.


AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions Powered By Amazing People with great technology


Portuguese language, a string that keeps us connected

Today, we are a translation company certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 17100:2015, with translation agencies in Lisbon and Porto, but also aware of the enormous value of the Portuguese language spread throughout the four corners of the CPLP world, notably in Brazil, Mozambique and Angola. But without ever forgetting Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde, Timor or anywhere in the world where the Portuguese language is the thread that unites.

AP Portugal - Tech Language Solutions is not waiting for to the future, we prefer to seize the present to live the future now, choosing to take the lead in the mission of helping entities and companies that seek the most appropriate strategies for global positioning through the implementation of technical and language services underpinned by innovative quality systems.

Welcome to our passion.


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