Interpreting Event Organisation

Bilingual staffing: an additional solution for event planning

Taking bilingual staffing into account for event planning is extremely important for successful communication.

We are the first to agree that event planning is rarely a simple task, whatever its size or characteristics.

It certainly requires a high level of coordination of a multitude of activities and people. As we have said before: it's easy to feel lost or overwhelmed faced with planning an event, and everything can get a bit more demanding when another language is added to the mix.

It is this aspect of our article that we're focusing on: the various additional services that could - and in many cases, should - be integrated into event planning, whether it be a meeting of stakeholders (whose attendees could be in diverse places across the world), a conference or a seminar.

By recruiting services from a translation company you will take a crucial step towards easing your workload

Let's talk about bilingual staffing, the first advantage that springs to mind is that it guarantees the presence of bilingual hosts at the event you're organising. This aspect is of considerable importance at a multilingual event, helping attendees to feel comfortable not only while listening to conference interpreting, but also in all other points of contact.



1. Are you organising an event? Choose audio recording and ask for transcription

2. Conference interpreting streaming in the organisation of events

3. Promotional and corporate videos, key ingredients of event organisation

4. Photography and video to capture the highlights of your event


The majority of international conferences are conducted in several languages and this particularity requires a professional communication service that allows attendees to speak freely in their native language and in their own cultural contexts. In practice, this requires simultaneous interpreting, allowing speakers to feel comfortable knowing that all attendees are able to understand them.


additional services for event organization


Having bilingual staffing as an additional service extends "comfort" to every moment, from their arrival to when the attendees leave the venue.

One final note: think about the number of languages that you would like to provide at your event. When you send your invites, clearly indicate what the official language (i.e. the language that most speakers will use) will be and into what language(s) will it be translated.


This text was not written by a native English speaker, but by a language lover. However, all our language services are always provided by native speakers.



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