Content curation with music, marketing budget and the secrets of the most productive people

Information remains a powerful weapon, even more powerful in the circumstances around the world these days. We'll all be fine, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions' content curation not only aims to disseminate knowledge, by embracing this important role, we also take the selection of the best and most valid content in multiple areas very seriously.


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Keeping up the optimism and believing that in the end we will all be fine, we start off with a musical suggestion. All you need is an open account at Spotify to enjoy One World: Together at Home event. The virtual concert event will livestream Saturday, April 18, but in the meantime the music streaming platform has created a preshow playlist. Click on the image to fight the pandemic with music:




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Marketing budgets can be difficult to establish for both small and large businesses, is the main concept in a HubSpot article that we must recommend. Learn, for example, that “as you build a marketing budget, here are a few items you'll want to keep in mind when planning your spending”.


  • Software
  • Freelancers
  • New personnel
  • Advertising
  • Content creation


Learn all about it on this link, while bearing in mind that it is still important to keep communicating. Preferably in several languages and never giving up the need to invest in content localization.


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Secrets of the most productive people. Did we get your attention? “We all want to be more productive”, is the first line of the text - published here - and which rapidly evolves towards a different definition of productivity. “It’s about selecting a specific focus for every interaction—and taking actions that arise out of that focus”.

Just one more idea that might spark greater interest in this article, and one that is especially important at a time when the work environment has changed for many of us: “Make clarity of intent a top priority for every task on your calendar, and you’ll soon find that the return on your time investments begins to improve”.


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Zoom, the online meeting and conference platform, has faced an exponential growth in usage since March. All over the world. According to available data, there was a 535% rise in daily traffic in March 2020.

A sign of confidence in the tool used by more than half of the Fortune 500 companies - data collected in 2019 - and which forced Zoom to make a strong investment in improving the platform, particularly in terms of security.

This week, Eric S. Yuan, Zoom CEO, was joined by Zoom CPO Oded Gal, Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson, and new security adviser Alex Stamos to discuss the progress made in the two weeks since the start of the 90-day plan on Zoom’s ongoing privacy and security efforts. You can read the outcome of those improvements here.




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Let's try to guess the future: What Will Work-Life Balance Look Like After the Pandemic? The question is addressed in this article from Harvard Business Review and draws interesting conclusions about the relationship between family and work, which are currently shared under the same roof in the face of the confinement rules imposed by governments as a way of fighting the covid-19 pandemic.


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A article recommended by Mário Júnior, CEO of AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions. Here's what to read, cook, watch, play, listen to and do while staying safe at home according to The New York Times. Ideas you can put to use anywhere in the world.


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