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GALA 2019: have you already heard about Artificial Intelligence?

Have you already heard about Artificial Intelligence? The subject is on the agenda in light of the various changes in the way companies work. Translation and Localization Industry is no exception.

From production to human resources, there will be no department that has managed to avoid this transversal change to the majority of companies from different areas. If when confronting constant changes some professionals show some preoccupation because of its speed, others welcome alterations that Artificial Intelligence provides with open arms.

In view of all this, the importance of the subject should not be underestimated, and discussions and studies on Artificial Intelligence are important. Being aware of the present time and its importance, Globalization & Localization Association (GALA), included the topic among those that will be in the “GALA 2019” Conference.

To find out more about “GALA 2019” visit the contest's programme. As an active member of this association, AP|PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions will have access to this event and more information about these topics and much more. If you decide to participate in the conference let us know and we can meet up!

Find out more about GALA and our Partnerships Programme with members of that association.


Since 1998 providing translation, transcription, interpretation and subtitling services, AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions is a Portuguese company certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 17100:2015, with a translation agency in Lisbon and another in Porto. Recognised internationally for its software and website localization technology competencies, SEO and consulting, it invests enthusiastically in the development of partnerships and cooperation in Luanda, Maputo, Bissau, Praia, São Tomé, as well as in Brazil and anywhere in the world where your company or business may need a partner for the Portuguese language.

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