Interpreting GALA 2019

GALA 2019: two presentations regarding remote interpreting

It is a fact that Remote Interpreting is becoming a popular service, but as for translation companies, we need to remember that Face-to-Face Interpreting is still necessary and in many cases the only option.

Remote Interpreting has become an increasingly popular option within the Translation and Localization Industry, deserving the attention from Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) given on the conference “GALA 2019”, from March 24th to 27th, including not one, but two presentations regarding the topic:


  • March 24: "Remote Interpretation and AI-based Vendor Selection – Global Approach for Global Leaders"
  • March 27: "Remote Video Interpreting for Indigenous Languages: Aboriginal Australia goes High-Tech"


It is true that sometimes there is no need for the interpreter to be present in the room, in other circumstances, there is not enough time for the whole process involving his transfer and these are valid reasons that made GALA start this discussion by putting on the table Remote Interpreting.


As an active member of this association, AP PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions will have access GALA 2019 and to more information about these and other topics. If you decide to participate in the conference let us know and you can meet up with AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions CEO, Mário Júnior.


To find out more about “GALA 2019” visit the contest's programme.

AP|PORTUGAL, as a GALA member and a company certified by the ISO international quality regulation 17100, also demands quality from its partners.

Find out more about GALA and our Partner Programs with members of that association.


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