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“Hallucination”, ChatGPT makes it to South Park, Bard, and a question about the most populated country on Earth



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ChatGPT makes it to South Park


It looks like the creators of South Park have used ChatGPT to write parts of a recent episode that pokes fun at the much-hyped artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.

Released on March 9, 2023, the fourth episode of season 26, titled Deep Learning, sees students at South Park Elementary discover the new technology that can write their homework (an experience that’s no doubt unfolding at schools and colleges around the world at the moment). 

The episode ends with the credits saying “written by Trey Parker and ChatGPT”, although knowing the creators of South Park this could be heavily cloaked sarcasm.



Chat GPT vs. Google Bard: generative AI comparison 


Look how the bots answer a question about the most populous country on Earth, when the prompt demands extreme brevity. The GPT models said China, and Bard said India.

Is Bard "wrong"? It depends. It just so happens that humanity has been in a demography donut hole for several years on this topic — long enough to make the relative ages of the models' training data unimportant. 

Some contrarians started saying India's population had surpassed China's about five years ago, but officially it still hasn't, because the data isn't there yet. China is still the right answer on paper, but the common sense right answer may well be India.



Bard tells you that it makes mistakes


Bard tells you right away that it makes mistakes. “I’m Bard, your creative and helpful collaborator. I have limitations and won’t always get it right, but your feedback will help me improve,” reads a message at the top of the page.

When using the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT this month, Oren Etzioni, an A.I. researcher and professor, asked the bot: “What is the relationship between Oren Etzioni and Eli Etzioni?” It responded correctly that Oren and Eli are father and son.

When he asked Bard the same question, it declined to answer. “My knowledge about this person is limited. Is there anything else I can do to help you with this request?”

Eli Collins, Google’s vice president of research, said the bot often refused to answer about specific people because it might generate incorrect information about them — a phenomenon that A.I. researchers call “hallucination.”


Replace Siri with ChatGPT? Lori 


"Replace ChatGPT with Siri" is one of Google's top-searched queries. Let's face it: Siri is a voice assistant who delivers unsatisfactory answers to our questions sometimes. 

ChatGPT, on the other hand, is an AI phenomenon that took the world by storm with its impressive intelligent answers (doled out with a human touch).

To transform Siri into ChatGPT, you'll need to install the Lori - ChatGPT Client app from the Apple App Store.


Translators, interpreters among most “vulnerable”


According to the paper “GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact Potential of Large Language Models”, occupations requiring science and critical thinking skills were less likely to be impacted by the LLMs available today, while those that rely on programming and language skills were considered more susceptible to being influenced by LLMs. Jobs with higher barriers to entry also tended to track with greater exposure to LLMs.

How did translators and interpreters (T&Is) stack up? According to human annotators, T&Is are in one of the most vulnerable professions, with 76.5% exposure to GPTs and 82.4% exposure to GPT-powered software.



Google introduce new AI tools to the Workspace


Google has introduced new generative AI tools to the Google Workspace suite of products, starting with Gmail and Google Docs. The new AI features will draft articles and emails based on written prompts and revise them to suit a preferred tone, a use case that’s become increasingly widespread among generative AI app developers.

More than 3 billion people already benefit from AI-powered features in Google Workspace, whether it’s using Smart Compose in Gmail or auto-generated summaries in Google Docs. Now, we’re excited to take the next step and bring a limited set of trusted testers a new set of features that makes the process of writing even easier”, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian explained in a blog post.




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AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions is the expression of service and vision in the...


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