Language Equality, the next 10 years, the “future of work”, and localization

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Support Digital Language Equality


Laura Johnson, a translator in the English Translation Section at UNOG; and Egor Ovcharenko, a Russian reviser at UNHQ, bring us this interesting article about the way United Nations translators work behind the scenes to help multilingual communication happen.

They remind us that if meetings are the engine of the United Nations, multilingual documentation is its fuel. So, just as the wrong fuel can clog up an engine, an inconsistency between language versions or infelicitous wording in just one of them can bring a multilingual debate to a juddering halt.


Over the next 10 years, AI will improve, accelerate and transform


The biggest technology-driven trend to affect business in the coming years is synthetic media. Businesses need design, marketing, communication and creativity, generally.

Synthetic media will drive revolutionary changes in all of these spaces, accelerating them and enabling very fast prototyping, creative content and improved communication and design.


What are we really talking about when we talk about the “future of work”?


Nearly three years since the pandemic began, that phrase remains ubiquitous, signifying everything and nothing. Who is creating innovative or useful tools? Which talent leaders have a perch to be influential or the scale to make an impact? After getting nearly 200 nominations, The Forbes narrowed the list to 50, weighing impact, reach and creativity.


Let’s break our addiction to the clock and see where we can go


On one end of the spectrum, there is Elon Musk. On the other end, there is Iceland. 

Musk, like many celebrity CEOs, works a lot of hours. He once bragged about spending 120 hours a week in the factory to supercharge Tesla’s production. After that made him “bonkers,” he toned it down to around 80 hours. 

Iceland recently shared the results of its workforce switching from 40-hour workweeks to 35 or 36 hours, finding the workers were just as productive. 

What if both are getting it wrong? 


Localization is key. A strategy that works


Good localization may be pricey, but bad localization is far more costly. A strategy that works at home will not automatically resonate abroad. Operating effectively beyond your border means investing in a new blueprint for success. This requires a comprehensive understanding of your new target audience and market.

Bad localization can be attributed to multiple factors including resource-related problems and a lack of access to local experts. But what does best-in-class localization look like in today’s business environment? And how can agencies support you in getting there?




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