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Life in a year, learning how to take time off and all about trust


Information remains a powerful weapon, even more powerful in the circumstances around the world these days. We'll all be fine, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions' content curation not only aims to disseminate knowledge, by embracing this important role, we also take the selection of the best and most valid content in multiple areas very seriously.


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“But what about those times when you just want to surf the internet aimlessly? No one can be hyper-productive all the time, and studies have shown that taking deliberate breaks after periods of work is actually better for your productivity.” That' s HubSpot, in this article introducing “The 27 Best Websites for Wasting Time on the Internet in 2020”.





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“What will life look like a year from today?” A clever article in the British newspaper The Telegraph seeks to answer that question. The answer, based on discussions with experts, imagines what a typical day might look like in May 2021. “I grab my phone, briefly glancing at the glowing green dot on the lock screen – the contact-tracing app. Green means I am cleared for travel. Right… calendar. Phew. Blue shift all this week. That means an escape to the office. Must be careful not to look too happy when I wave goodbye to the family”. You can read it here.


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“Will digital video consumption continue to rise? Will people readily head back to major events and gatherings? How will that impact your marketing and outreach strategies moving forward?”. These questions have popped up recently and the answers vary.

The infographic below summarises a webinar series by Berlin Cameron and Perksy to help brands navigate their business through the changing landscape.




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Important news for digital marketing: Google launches discovery ads in all regions, providing new ways to reach browsing consumers.

As explained by Google:

"More consumers are now finding their next favorite brand or product through a growing variety of touchpoints - in fact, 86% of online consumers say they're on the lookout for shopping ideas as they watch videos or explore content across the web. With Discovery ads, you can rely on Google's understanding of consumers' intent across our properties to engage these audiences as they scroll through their favorite Google feeds - no search query needed."




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Translation, remote interpreting services, localization, search engine optimization and online courses are all common words nowadays. They prove that these are "exciting times" for those who see an opportunity in globalization.

Being global, however, poses major challenges to those who venture into new markets and consequently, to companies that provide translation, remote interpreting services, localization services and online courses.

Now what do we mean by this? The answer is in this article:  "We know that trust must be earned”.


Last but not the least


An article recommended by Mário Júnior, CEO of AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions: Can we just work from home forever? The question, from the perspective of someone who lives in the United States, is in this Forbes article.






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AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions' content curation not only aims to disseminate...

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Information remains a powerful weapon, even more powerful in the circumstances around...

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AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions' content curation not only aims to disseminate...


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