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Local SEO: five strategies you shouldn't overlook

"What might seem far is just a year away: In 2020, about 30% of all internet sessions will be done without the need for a keyboard or screen".

Do you remember? Correct, that's how one of the first articles published on the AP Portugal 's blog starts.

Facing the challenge of knowing if your company is ready for it, we announce that we can help you to correctly optimise your SEO. We put the SEO optimisation for the local content site among five SEO tips for your company's, and this publication is all about that.


A study published in the prestigious Forbes mentions an increasing tendency: search for the expression "near me" increased 500% in the last two years - voice search became even more popular -, therefore we can conclude that geographical SEO will help your company to become more visible.


There are more numbers confirming this tendency, pointing out the fact that 75% of smart speaker users use their devices once per week to find local companies online. Hence, we are facing a huge opportunity for small and medium-sized companies. So, it's time to invest in physical locations.


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5 elements to include in the digital marketing strategy

Since, as we previously mentioned, the expression "in my surroundings" increased 500% in the last two years, a number that will be even more strengthened thanks to the voice search, it's important to have in mind some decisive strategies while working and improving your geographical SEO. Therefore, your digital marketing strategy should include 5 elements.


  1. Register your local presence in the main search engines like Google or Bing. This way you will indicate to the voice assistant that your company is the closest supplier, helping to increase your chances of becoming the first choice in search results.
  2. Update local profiles with precise information about your company's working hours, address and telephone contacts.
  3. Good ratings and reviews can do miracles in SEO, hence it is important to be present on local reviews websites. That will help your company or service to build and maintain an excellent reputation among search engines and internet users.
  4. Important point. Be active on social media in order to put your brand in the spotlight.
    The principle is simple: having a community around your brand, talking about it online, it's more probable that you'll be highly rated in search results.
  5. Places of interest, monuments, your neighbourhood's name or other specific words usually used to describe the area surrounding your company. It might sound strange, but it's important to include in your content strategy relevant keywords for those who search.


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Geographical SEO "democratised" internet visibility

The way local SEO functions shouldn't become a big deal, after all, it's the same as SEO, just with the additional localization "detail" that, if properly done, could attract clients. Currently, 46% of Google searches are local, an incredible number which can be divided into two other important facts: 89% of people search at least once per week and 58% on a daily basis.


The increasing importance of mobile in internet consumption and local SEO accomplished something hard to believe when searches were mainly done organically using a computer keyboard: SMEs became capable of competing with the big corporations, moving up in the search engines hierarchy.


You shouldn't let this huge opportunity for your business pass just because you overlooked a good local SEO strategy.


Don't forget, geographical SEO "democratised" the internet visibility:

  1. Attracts potential clients close to your business.
  2. Increases your sales thanks to the Local SEO
  3. Creates loyal clients close to your company
  4. Improves your online presence



This text was not written by a native English speaker, but by a language lover. However, all our language services are always provided by native speakers.



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