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Living the future today. The inauguration of AP| Portugal Tech Language Solutions new facilities is the embodiment of the motto. Moving is a natural step in the evolution of this language and technological services institution.

 Loft of Words AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions

This is the precept that defines AP Portugal’s purpose since day one: the customer satisfaction. Embracing and offering new opportunities in a constantly evolving world.

The history of AP Portugal, which began in 1998, will remain the backbone of Loft of Words, mirroring the heart and soul of a project permanently responding to new challenges.


Loft of Words, is a technological centre in warehouse of vowels and consonants where sleeve stockings have been replaced by digital screens.

Work. Learn. Enjoy

Improved conditions, of course, materialized in a modern office that grows in size, and in function capability.

Voiceover and subtitling studios, a remote interpretation centre, and facilities that display the growing investment in the AP Academy.

Loft of Words is more than mere growth: it is the upgrading of the physical structure rooted in the evolution of the services provided by AP Portugal. In a nutshell, it is the result of the Kaizen philosophy: continuous improvement with everyone, everywhere, every day.


loft of words ap portugal


Loft of Words: where is it?

Located in the historic centre of Vila Nova de Gaia and with a superb view of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Loft of Words is conveniently close to the Yellow Line of the Porto Metro - Câmara Gaia - and the Devesas train station, ideal for Porto - Lisbon travelers.

 loft of words ap portugal


The Porto airport is at a 40 minutes distance by metro and at a 20 minutes distance by car, in other words, AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions new facilities are at a walking distance of some of the main European capitals, such as Madrid (1 hour), Paris (2 hours), London (2 hours) and Berlin (3 hours). And before traveling to New York, eight hours away, you can also visit beautiful beaches just 15 minutes... cycling.


loft of words ap portugal

This text was not written by a native English speaker, but by a language lover. However, all our language services are always provided by native speakers.



AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions is a Portuguese translation company certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 17100. The company offers a wide range of language services, which include translation (TEP), post-editing machine translation (PEMT), transcription, desktop publishing and subtitling, voice talent, software and website localisation technology, SEO and consulting. It invests enthusiastically in the development of partnerships and cooperation anywhere in the world where your organization may need a partner for the African, Brazilian and European Portuguese language.

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