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Promotional and corporate videos, key ingredients of event organisation


Today there is no doubt, making a promotional or a corporate video of your event is an asset that must not be overlooked.

These two types of video reporting can be key elements in your marketing and communication strategy, an opportunity you must take advantage of.

Within the complementary services associated with event organisation such as, conferences, meetings, congresses, launch of new services and brands, report presentation, promotional and corporate videos play two different roles.


Promotional and Corporate Videos in event organisation. What are we talking about?

  1. Promotional videos, 90 seconds long.
  2. Corporate videos, based on a script designed in partnership with the client, up to 10 minutes long.

Now that you are getting ready to organize your event, the right time to reach out to a translation company, it may be essential to understand the differences between corporate and promotional videos. Moreover it is important to mention that you should also consider the photo story. But that's another topic for another time.



Corporate video

The difference is in the length of the video that does not exceed 10 minutes, which is enough time to fulfill its audiovisual purpose.


 What's the role of corporate video?

Think of a different business card that does not clutter up the wallet.

Think of a business card suited to reveal the skills, spelling out the benefits and specifying the services of your brand or organisation in a 10 minute video which you can share on your website, use in internal and external communication or even in future events, unveiling what happened in the previous meeting to give an insight on what can be expected from the following one.

This being said, remember the number we never tire of repeating:

the trend has become a fact and 2019 will definitely be the year of the video as revealed by the number YouTube disclosed and which esteems that 80 percent of internet traffic will be generated by videos.

Thus, translation companies have an important role to play when it comes to another element: subtitling.


Promotional video

A 90 second video suited to reveal the essence of your event, clearly and concisely. We come back to an undeniable fact, the huge power of social media.

The promotional video, largely due to its length, is ideal to share on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, great to advertise your event. Remember: 80 per cent of internet traffic will be generated by videos thus, a good promotional video will contribute to the dissemination of your event, your brand or your organisation.




There is, in fact, the opportunity to go beyond the obvious when it comes to event organization and the immediate relevance of communication is must be highlighted.

Yes, capturing and sharing images, whether they are mere photos, or more or less complex videos, are essential tools in your marketing and communication strategy.

This text was not written by a native English speaker, but by a language lover. However, all our language services are always provided by native speakers.



 AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions is a Portuguese translation company certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 17100. The company offers a wide range of language services, which include translation (TEP), post-editing machine translation (PEMT), transcription, desktop publishing and subtitling, voice talent, software and website localisation technology, SEO and consulting. It invests enthusiastically in the development of partnerships and cooperation anywhere in the world where your organization may need a partner for the African, Brazilian and European Portuguese language.

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