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5 best practices to improve quality of technical documents translation

"If you’re entering new global markets or are trying to maintain market share in your existing markets, translation quality can’t suffer or you might risk losing customers". We all agree, right? 

We in AP PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions take very seriously the idea that the best is always the only option, the quality of translation can never be undervalued, especially in a time when Machine Translation simply requires the addition of a Google translation plugin to the website.

However, for those clients that really demand a quality translation we cannot give anything less than the best. In that sense AP PORTUGAL considers quite interesting the publication from Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) that refers to the necessary steps to improve the quality of technical documents translation. It is all in “Technical Document Translation: 5 Ways to Improve Quality”.


Here are five ways you can improve the quality of your technical translations:

  1. Write with Localization in mind
  2. Choose the right translators
  3. Create a glossary of terms
  4. Use a translation memory to increase consistency
  5. Include QA and proofreading cycles


As an active member of this association, AP PORTUGAL will have access GALA 2019 and to more information about these and other topics. If you decide to participate in the conference let us know and you can meet up with AP Portugal - Tech Language Solutions CEO, Mário Júnior.


To find out more about “GALA 2019” visit the conference program.

AP|PORTUGAL, is a proud GALA active member. Find out more about GALA and our Partner Programs with members of that association.



This text was not written by a native English speaker, but by a language lover. However, all our language services are always provided by native speakers.



AP PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions is a Portuguese translation company certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 17100. The company offers a wide range of language services, which include translation (TEP), post-editing machine translation (PEMT), transcription, desktop publishing and subtitling, voice talent, software and website localisation technology, SEO and consulting. It invests enthusiastically in the development of partnerships and cooperation anywhere in the world where your organization may need a partner for the African, Brazilian and European Portuguese language.

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