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A Klopp video, useful apps, "go local, not global" and Portuguese vanity

The truth is that in this "information era" knowing the difference between "more knowledge" and "better knowledge" has become even more important.

The principle can be applied in the area of language and technological services, and it makes content curation a challenge that AP PORTUGAL takes on with the same enthusiasm that we have had since our foundation, incorporating elements of the future into the present.

First up,


Mission impossible: escape news about coronavirus, COVID-19, because whatever area of information you look for, it's there. The designation may even change - and suddenly everyone seems to have an opinion. Well, actually not everyone, as this video of Jurgen Klopp, manager of the Premier League club Liverpool, proves. A lesson beyond kick and rush.


By the way, let's remember that there are technological solutions to mitigate the effects, avoiding travel and event cancellations - just remember this AP Portugal blog article [article in Portuguese] - and there are also examples that it is possible to stop infodemia and fearmongering.

Adweek decided to go ahead with Challenger Brands summit, despite coronavirus concerns, and only 10 percent of participants cancelled attendance.

Regarding coronavirus, an interesting article [premium version], also from Adweek, aimed at companies that are considering taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to invest in marketing campaigns. Advice? No way.


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Let's talk about localisation to highlight the fact that at the era of globalisation it may sound like catchy saying "global", but what you should do is something else that can be condensed into this short quote: "Go local, not global". On this subject, take a look at the story of the company Canadian Hudson's Bay and its entry into the Dutch market. A good example, too, of the utmost importance of hiring the expertise of a localisation company, as you will see.

"Considering the sheer volume of emails we send and receive, the communication you send needs to be clear, to-the-point, and relevant. It's not easy to get noticed in someone's email inbox." - HUBSPOT

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To show that email is not dead and is still an excellent tool for the communication of your organisation. That's how we're communicating, right?

By the way, write down 5 Sales Email Templates designed to get and keet byers’ attention and note this number: 21 percent.

So, what's it about? According to a Hubspot study, this percentage corresponds, on average, to the time that each salesperson spends writing and sending emails per day.

By the way, tools like appointment scheduling apps and booking software help automate the process of scheduling meetings with potential and existing customers. A useful tip.



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At AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions we live the Portuguese language with pride. It is natural that it should be so, and for that reason, even if the following post is written in Portuguese, we cannot fail to point out the words of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Portuguese Republic: "The challenge we face ever more in the world is the challenge of the Portuguese language as a universal language. The double dimension of the mother tongue as traditionally seen and the universal language in Portuguese living in a completely different context has to be nurtured with extreme care". [article in Portuguese]


Last but not the least,

a post recommended by Mário Júnior, CEO of AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions: "65 health apps on my phone let Facebook know when I used them". And, also, a tip from our Client Success Manager, Anabela Delgado: "today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today".

This text was not written by a native English speaker, but by a language lover. However, all our language services are always provided by native speakers.



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