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AP | PORTUGAL commits to certified training: Localization for Global Marketing Specialists

We believe that digital transformation is the essential turning point for the evolution of any organization thus having a bilingual website, a Facebook page and endless non-automated processes simply isn't enough.

This process is more complex and heavily relies on those who lead, those in the position to make decisions, and those who understand that, in the end, digital transformation is the only way to guarantee the survival of their businesses and brands.

Faced with the need for continuous evolution and to fill the gaps identified in the digital transformation process, AP | Portugal Tech Language Solutions - a language and technology services company with over 20 years of experience - adds value to your accumulated capital, by making the decision to commit to specialised professional training, covering subjects that respond to the challenge of globalization and digital content management.

What are we talking about?

  • Management Strategy
  • Global Marketing practices;
  • Content creation;
  • Localization programs;
  • Quality;
  • Technological interoperability;

What do we aim for?

Essentially, to provide the middle and senior management with knowledge and skills they need not only to initiate, but also to develop - within a constant evolution perspective - globalization and localization programs with the required digital content strategy.

In the face of constant competition, an advanced training program is, in our opinion, the right response to several challenges:

  • applying management models;
  • implementing a methodology for the creation and production of multilingual content;
  • implementing short and long term strategies for digital content management;
  • defining quality criteria and processes;
  • providing skills and tools to define and assess the maturity level of the organization’s current globalization and localization processes;
  • establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for Communication and Marketing departments or other divisions responsible for producing, disseminating and sharing commercial or institutional information.

The step towards globalization must be taken with total awareness of the digital moment the organizations are in; it's the only way to avoid making mistakes that will later be impossible or costly to fix.

Therefore, training is the answer for organizations that understand the importance of digital expansion.

So, it is of utmost importance that your current and future staff acquire skills, adhere to retraining and gain knowledge in these fundamental areas.

This response can only be provided by certified company, with answers based on real knowledge of the tasks that arise with the globalization challenges.

There are unavoidable facts that dictate the importance of training for globalization, localization and digital content management.

This requirement is largely the result of the current socio-economic context in Portugal. Many areas are yet to embrace the digital transformation that makes the difference between success and failure in business.

What do we mean?

  1. Despite the strong evolution especially in this century, countless markets and corporate structures still present a low level of L18N Maturity regarding globalization, localization and digital content management processes.
  2. Digital transformation represents an opportunity for companies to become more competitive in the market, more efficient in analyzing data and smarter with customer relationships.
  3. The continuous and updated training of senior and middle management is an essential premise for success.

This very digital transformation idea is still the best response to the current market dynamic and turnover of qualified human resources.

It doesn't interfere with the process of employee development; and for those who seek requalification, it adds digital content knowledge to what they have already gained in their professional career, whether as a linguist, journalist, copywriter or blogger.

You can never learn too much, requalification updates your knowledge and makes you more efficient.

Why globalization, localization and digital content?

The multiplication of digital languages in a business environment requires qualified staff, especially those in managing roles, so that the decisions made are the most suitable for globalization strategies, an area in which most organizations still need to take firmer steps.

That's why choosing an advanced training program in globalization, localization and digital content management is the natural decision for AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions.

To the experience and knowledge accumulated since 1998, we add our invaluable long-lasting and active affiliation with international associations such as GALA - Globalization and Localization Association or ELIA - European Language Industry Association.

This is our holistic vision to manage the digital transformation and globalization process, highlighting the importance of seeing the process as a whole.



WHO? AP PORTUGAL-TECH Language Solutions

Advanced Management Course - Localization for Global Marketing Specialists Certified e-learning



AP PORTUGAL's online certified courses are developed in Thinkific, a powerful, all-in-one e-learning platform exclusively oriented to the success of its trainees simplifying the knowledge acquisition and the validation of skills.



At your own pace and. No need for a schedule! This is a self-paced learning to make it possible for participants to structure their work in their own time and decide the time of year that suits them or their organizations best.

Accessible anywhere and at any time through any device- laptop, tablet or smartphone. It includes text, video, audio, animation and virtual environments. It is a very rich learning experience that can even surpass the level of training you might experience in a crowded classroom. It's self-paced, hands-on learning.


About AP PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions

AP | PORTUGAL began in 1998, offering strategic communication and training projects to develop businesses and society in general. In recent years, we have been certified by the International Quality Standard in Translation Services - ISO 17100, and have focused our activity on developing language services in Portugal by offering training in the areas of quality and IT technology. In so doing, we strive to meet the demand of this industry, regarding translation management software and multilingual content management.

Hence, the demand for skills in digital marketing and SEO content has intensified. Within this framework  AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions has developed a new training program to fill these gaps, supporting its partners and clients in the qualification of their human resources.

At AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions, we are aware of this constantly evolving reality and understand that the development of digital marketing and the imposition of permanent communication on the Internet - social media, institutional websites and specialized blogs - has increased the urgency of empowering professionals in the areas of communication, public relations, website management, journalism and editing in the field of multilingual content management. Hence, the demand for skills in digital marketing and SEO content has intensified. Within this framework AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions has developed a new training program to fill these gaps, supporting its partners and clients in the qualification of their human resources.

AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions' training program is further based on our experience in the areas of language, technology and communication services, and on continuous improvement, promoted by the Kaizen methodology - a process based on principles devised by the Japanese Masaaki Imai - adopted by the company and by national and international associations.

AP | PORTUGAL Tech Language Solutions is also proud to be an active member of several international associations in the language services industry, namely GALA - Globalization and Localization Association; ELIA - European Language Industry Association; ALC - Association of Language Companies; ATC - Association of Translation Companies; ATA - American Translators Association; LEXIS - International Community of Language Service Providers and EUATC - European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. 



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