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Artificial Intelligence vs Transcription it’s not about machines vs humans

"Almost every industry you could think of is asking itself what the future will look like as artificial intelligence (AI) and its related technologies mature. Transcription services are a prime example, where technology aims to better human ability with translation and other complex tasks". 

With this being a topic that raises many questions, the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) decided to talk about it in the post - “Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Traditional Transcription Services?”.


Transcription, like many others, is affected by Artificial Intelligence, and many believe that in the near future it will stop being manual and human. However, due to the specificity of the human speech, there are many who still believe that at least there should always be a Transcription revisor.


There are other problems the technology hasn’t learned to overcome:

  • Multiple speakers talking
  • Identifying individual speakers
  • Multiple speakers talking at the same time
  • Understanding context
  • Understanding accents
  • Understanding slang, colloquialisms and style
  • Understanding non-native speakers
  • Translating into other languages
  • Conversational nuances


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This text was not written by a native English speaker, but by a language lover. However, all our language services are always provided by native speakers.


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